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Quick Read: New York Giants a potential landing spot for Brian Urlacher? syndication

Brian Urlacher shocked the football world when he turned down a one-year offer from the Chicago Bears, making him a Free Agent. Photo by: Mike Morbeck

Since the moment he and the Chicago Bears parted ways, linebacker Brian Urlacher has been connected to the New York Giants through rumor and speculation. That continued recently when Bill Barnwell of Grantland suggesed that Urlacher would be a perfect fit for Big Blue if he desired to remain in a 4-3 scheme.

Even Dan Graziano from ESPN recently suggested that Urlacher would “make sense” for the Giants.

“Urlacher’s only NFC East fit is the Giants. He’d provide a presence in the middle of their mediocre linebacking corps — certainly offering more than recently signed Dan Connor would. He’s a veteran for a veteran locker room. He surely would like to go to a contender, and the Giants always are that. The Giants are the one place in this division where he’d fit. The only question is whether they’re interested, and to this point they do not appear to be.”

We at Giants 101 have attempted to avoid this topic, but like the daily “any update on Victor Cruz” question, it’s become unavoidable. Even with the addition of Dan Connor, fans and pundits have been unable to avoid the question: “Does it make sense?” The answer, quite simply, is yes … if this were 2007.

Ed Valentine of Big Blue View recently took on this question himself and came to the same conclusion we reached here at Giants 101: at this stage of his career, Urlacher is not only a bad fit for the Giants, but would be a downgrade in comparison to Connor, who was highly rated prior to his poor season in the Dallas Cowboys’ 3-4 system. (more…)