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Five things Yankee fans have to look forward to

Yankee fans should not be too disappointed about the 2012 season. After all, shortstop Derek Jeter did lead the MLB in hits. Photo by: Keith Allison / Flickr


The New York Yankees season ended, but they came away from the postseason different than other years. The Bronx Bombers looked old, slow and flat-out bad. Derek Jeter was injured, and surgery will sideline for several months. Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano seemed impatient at the plate. And it is safe to say plenty of players on the postseason roster will not be apart of the team come spring training. While most of the sports world is laughing at Yankee fans and the pain they currently feel, because they’re the Yankees, they’ll most likely have the last laugh. Lets not forget, it could be worse, I’m sure Boston Red Sox fans will agree. Here are five things Yankee fans can look forward to in the next couple of months.

1. The possible dismissal of A-Rod: Just so I can get this out of the way, Alex Rodriguez has probably seen his last days wearing pinstripes. Well, in a Yankee uniform at least, who knows what that dude will wear. A-Rod has looked pathetic this season. Since coming back from injury Sept. 3, Rodriguez ranks 170 of 173 in OPS vs. right-handers. The guy cannot hit a low-ball fastball pitcher. Check that, A-Roid can’t hit the fastball, or righties. But, the Yankees could be saved. The Miami Marlins, a team looking for anything and anyone to help the organization in some way, may want Rodriguez. A-Rod, a native of Miami, has a full no-trade clause and would have to waive it for a trade to any team. After hearing A-Rod in his closing interviews of the season, it sounds like he wants to stay in New York. He could just be saying that for PR reasons, but there is no way he wants to be somewhere he is no wanted any longer. Here’s a guy who is signed through 2017 and is still owed over $100 million and it is safe to say he probably won’t hit more than 20 home runs in a season for the remainder of his career. If the Yankees are able to dump him off to a team wanting to make a splash (if not Marlins, perhaps the Diamondbacks, Dodgers or Angels) then it’s a huge victory, no matter how much money the Yankees wind up paying. While there are plenty of obstacles for an A-Rod deal, the Yankees can get it done. (more…)

Yanks would be smart to end the A-Rod ERA


New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez may be traded this offseason after one of his worst years at the plate in 2012. Photo by: Keith Allison / Flickr

When Alex Rodriguez was traded by the Texas Rangers about eight years ago, I wasn’t surprised one bit that the New York Yankees were the team to pick up the most expensive price tag in baseball history.

The Yankees are known for spending big cash for premiere players. It’s no secret. However, usually those high-dollar investments yield tons in return. Players know they must earn their paycheck, especially when it has so many zeros in it. So did A-Rod live up to the hype when he put on the pinstripes? Did the Yankees actually get $112 million back in terms of production from the guy who many of us thought would end up as the best baseball player who ever walked?

Rodriguez did earn two MVP awards and helped New York win a World Series ring during his time in pinstripes, which one could argue is worth such a financial gamble. But there’s no doubt A-Rod came with some headaches, too. There was the opt out controversy of 2007, several injuries, unwanted off field publicity, and of course, steroids. While Rodriguez has always played a major part in the Yankees success since he was traded to New York in 2004, like any other “superstar” athlete, his baggage was heavy.

So the end of the A-Rod era may be coming to a close, especially since Rodriguez has been benched and had many fingers pointed at him this offseason. It seems the 12-time All-Star’s skills are depleting and New York isn’t even sure if they would like him in pinstripes next year. And before the playoffs have even ended, trade rumors are starting to come up about how he could be dealt to the Miami Marlins. Yanks General Manager Brian Cashman has written such claims off, but team President Randy Levine has been quoted telling Marlins President Jeffrey Loria that “you can have him.” 

Loria has more or less let it be known that he has high interest in Rodriguez coming to Miami. After all, it’s the city where super-hyped athletes go to prove something like LeBron James did when he joined the Miami Heat. However, Rodriguez has said he would to end his career as a Yankee. The question now is, do the Yankees want him to?

New York would be crazy not to go in another direction. It’s obvious Rodriguez is somewhat washed up. Yes, he can still produce, but that production is not even close to what it used to be. And yes, I might be being hard on a player who is well past his prime at the veteran’s age of 37, yet that should be just another reason why the Yankees need to give Rodriguez the boot. And to think the Marlins would actually be able to get a lot out of a 37-year-old third baseman is just plain whacky.

I honestly think the Marlins are crazy enough to pull off some sort of deal to land Rodriguez. But it would make more sense for A-Rod to go to a team that can actually use him. New York may just use him as a Designated Hitter next year and that will be that. Who knows when it comes to such a overly hyped player? The facts are right there in front of everyone’s eyes, though. A-Rod isn’t a feared hitter anymore; his stats have plummeted; and the only thing he is good for is grabbing a headline from time to time.

The Yankees need to forget about the A-Rod era. It’s seriously time to move on and it’s time to forget about what once was. The Yankees don’t owe Rodriguez anything. And if they think they do, they’re just as bonkers as whatever team ends up with this fading star.