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Quick Read: Bonilla will collect more money than any outfielder on Mets’ roster syndication

This is something that has been talked about for years, but Bobby Bonilla signed one of the greatest contracts of all time.

The Mets were really eager to get rid of Bonilla, so in 2000 they agree to buy out his contract. Bonilla’s terms were the $5.9 million he was owed, to be paid out to his estate with interest over 25 years starting on July 1st, 2011.

So, Bonilla’s annual salary, until the year 2035, once the interest kicked in is $1.19 million.

If you take a quick look at the Mets roster for 2013, you will see that makes Bonilla is one of the highest paid Mets players on the payroll, even though he has been retired for years. No wonder the Mets have had financial difficulties over the last few years.  Who signed off on this deal?

If only more athletes, would think like Bobby Bonilla, we would have never had a 30 for 30 BROKE documentary.  Thanks to the Big Lead for all the details.

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