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Couch Side’s official 2012 World Series Preview


Defense wins championships, still.

The first thing that came to mind when assessing these teams was not the stellar starting pitching on either sides, or the high end offensive quality, but the defense.

If you watched the NLCS, you could tell which team was more fundamentally sound, or at the very least executed better with the glove. The Cardinals repeatedly shot themselves in the foot in games 6 and 7, while the play of the Giants only seemed to get better with each opportunity. Angel Pagan and Gregor Blanco are fantastic outfielders who have shown off great range; Brandon Crawford is one of the best defensive shortstops in the league (lead the NL in range factor), Marco Scutaro has shown off some nifty glove work, and Pablo Sandoval is not a complete liability at third. Contrast this with the Tigers defense and we get an entirely different story.

Austin Jackson aside, the Tigers defense is and has been sorely lacking all season. Miguel Cabrera is not an adequate third basemen, he’s actually better at first, but Prince Fielder is over there and he should be a DH. However, the Tigers have to play games in the NL Park where there are no designated hitters, which means the god emperor of outfield suck Delmon Young has to play Left, which he hasn’t done in a while. Remember Vladimir Guerrero in the 2010 World Series? We could see gaffes of epic proportions.

The ALCS MVP had a few good games against the Yankees, but the former #1 draft pick has no skills other than popping a few home runs, and maybe a few cheeseburgers. He’s a big guy, and I don’t see the move to the outfield as a positive. But of course, Jim Leyland has to play him because it’s what he’s doing throughout the season, but I can’t help but wonder if old Jim will replace him for an Andy Dirks or Don Kelly late in games against a Santiago Cassia or Sergio Romo.

Defense Edge: Giants (more…)

Couch Side’s National League Championship preview/predictions

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner is just one of the teams several dangerous pitchers that will try to advance the Giants to the World Series. Photo by: Andy / Flickr


NLCS preview: Cardinals v. Giants – After another improbable playoff comeback, the St. Louis Cardinals are at it again, defying odds and expectations to be in the championship series against the other most recent World Series winner. San Francisco survived the Division round against Cincinnati by winning three straight games on the road, and now open at home to the cardiac Cardinals, so who will win?

The starting pitching matchups for the first few games should look like this.

• Game 1: Lance Lynn v. Madison Bumgarner

• Game 2: Chris Carpenter v. Ryan Vogelsong

• Game 3: Matt Cain v. Kyle Lohse

• Game 4: Barry Zito/Tim Lincecum v. Adam Wainwright

Lance Lynn last pitched to Jayson Werth in NLDS game 4, when Werth deposited a center cut Lynn fastball into the Nationals bullpen. He didn’t start a game last series, after spending the entire season in the rotation, so manager Mike Matheny may treat this as a pseudo bullpen by committee game. If Lynn struggles early, he won’t hesitate to bring in the flamethrower Trevor Rosenthal or Mitchell Boggs. From the Giants perspective, they get the home/road advantage with Vogelsong pitching in AT&T Park.

Like most of the Giants pitching staff, they benefit from a big outfield in San Francisco, which most importantly affects home run to fly ball ratios. Vogelsong and Bumgarner should have a slight edge, and it helps that they have some fantastic outfield defense with Gregor Blanco and Angel Pagan to assist. (more…)

Couch Side’s American League Championship preview/predictions


Couch Side blogger Brandon J. Smith think Detroit Tiger center virelder Austin Jackson could be a ket player in the American League Championship Series. Photo by: Steve Burt / Flickr

Is it possible for the LCS to top what transpired in the LDS? I inaccurately predicted 2 of the 4 division series, and I would have gotten them all right if not for those deadly due of Raul Ibanez and Pete Kozma. What will the next round offer? Let’s list off what it’s going up against in terms of drama and intrigue:

• Four game 5s
• Three walk off victories
• Extra inning upsets
• Raul Ibanez
• Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia dominance
• Alex Rodriguez drama
• Tim Lincecum Bullpen hero
• Jose Valverde meltdown

I dare the Tigers/Yankees and Giants/Cardinals series to match what was an incredible week of baseball, now onto the next round of wholly inaccurate predictions. ALCS: Tigers v. Yankees- Detroit could be at a slight disadvantage because of the forced travel in the wee hours of Friday night following the Yankee victory.

Kudos to MLB for being constrained by the television contracts and not guaranteeing an off day, unlike the NLCS. The game 1 matchup is Doug Fister v. Andy Pettitte, and it should be a good one.
One thing about Pettitte I find interesting is that Yankee fans love to tout his postseason success, as if he transforms into Cy Young during October. What I find more interesting is that his playoff ERA (3.83) is nearly identical to his career ERA (3.86), so it would be accurate to say he remains a consistently good Andy Pettitte regardless of the situation. He has almost a reverse platoon split against left handed hitters, which is peculiar considering righties should have an advantage right? (more…)

Completely inaccurate League Division series predictions

Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds are looking to win their first World Series ring since 1990. Photo by: Cori Martin / Flickr


• Reds vs. Giants – San Francisco should have the edge here based on the quality of pitching with Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner starting games 1 and 2 at home. Cincinnati is countering with Johnny Cueto and Bronson, saving Mat Latos for game 3 against Lincecum. The lineups both have plenty of holes, but the Giants overall is a bit better, and I could easily see future NL MVP Buster Posey just going crazy. Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy are both unimpressive managers based on their tactical prowess, but Bochy has fewer opportunities to makes mistakes because his team has better pitching. This, like the other series this round should prove to be highly entertaining, and will provide good fodder for the blogosphere and twitter verse.

Giants in 4

• Yankees vs. Orioles – Orioles magic will never die; I’d argue that it’s never been stronger. Going into Arlington and eliminating the Rangers is legitimate, and now they have a delicious matchup against the rival Yankees. Camden Yards is going to rocking on Sunday, and you can throw postseason experience and every other cliché out the window, Baltimore is simply on a roll. It’s likely that the Yankees could outslug them and CC takes advantage of the free swinging O’s. Baltimore’s offense is not big on drawing a lot of walks and using patience, they just hit home runs and utilize a very effective bullpen. Manager Buck Showalter is a stronger with in-game tactics, and it showed against Ron Washington, and should exploit whatever Girardi throws at them. Of course, the talents of Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Jeter, and Ichiro could be too much and the Yankees roll on, but who am I to root for the Yankees? (more…)