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Get familiar with Angels slugger Mike Trout

It’s not likely baseball fans will ever see L.A. Angels outfielder Mike Trout in a Minor League uniform ever again. Photo by: Jim Ellwanger / Flickr


Ok, I’m going to just come out and say it, I can’t take my eyes off of Mike Trout.

It may not be a “man crush” yet, but it sure as heck is getting close to it. But ever since he was rightfully called up to the big leagues on April 27, every Angels game has become must-see (as if it wasn’t already). When he steps into the batting box, I literally stop everything I’m doing waiting to see what he’ll do next.

At the time of his call-up, my Angels were a dreadful 6-14 and coming up drastically short in reaching everyone’s preseason World Series predictions. Albert Pujols was in the midst of the worst stretch of his career at the plate, still homerless 20 games into the season. They were nine games behind their AL West rival Texas Rangers. It was after a 3-2 loss that day to Cleveland that Trout was recalled for his second MLB stint with the hope he would inject some life into the floundering Angels club, no pun intended. (more…)