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Why should we care: Chapman literally goes head over heels

Bloggers from are constantly reading some pretty silly headlines from all across the wide world of sports. Whether it’s about an athlete being seen at a mall or an irrelevant trade, the fact is, someone has written about it. Sometimes these “stories” are annoying. Sometime they are entertaining. So we’ve decided to take a look at three of these headlines and make a weekly blog: “Why should we care?” Enjoy part one of the ongoing series … 


• Reds closer Aroldis Chapman does double somersaults after save: Some fans (especially Brewers faithful) are loudly screaming foul after witnessing reds flamethrower Aroldis Chapman show off his tumbling skills Tuesday night. In fact, it pissed off Milwaukee players, Reds manager Dusty Baker and even Chapman’s Cincinnati teammates. I guess there is a law out against having fun. We’ve all seen boring handshakes after a closer puts another one in the books. So why not spice things up a little bit? I mean Chapman is a young player, who needed to brighten his own spirits after having himself a pretty bad month of shutting down games. Chapman hasn’t pitched like himself in the month of June, blowing three saves and taking a loss in his last 10 games. While his post-save actions may have been considered bush league, it’s nice to see a player show a little bit of life, especially in a slow sport like baseball. We would like to show you a full video of what he did, but YouTube was at least able to provide some response videos with some pictures. See below to check it out: