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Grow up Penn State

BY BRANDON J. SMITH, contributor

It’s been written about, bandied about, and talked to death probably a million times by now, but the behavior of the Penn State student body continues to amaze even the most even keel of sports fans.

And yes, we know it’s only a few that ruin it for the majority by tipping over media vehicles, and claiming that the Penn State faculty board “killed” their beloved Joe Pa, but any semblance of dignity or integrity seems to have been lost on the current incarnation of “We are PENN STATE.”

That’s the funny thing, too; everyone who lauded the late Paterno spoke highly of the integrity, class, and humility that he brought to the program, turn around and do the exact opposite. This is not an indictment of Paterno, or the mistakes he made at the end of his career, but the legacy that is left behind seems to have been lost on those more interested in stirring the pot, rather than taking the high road.


Paterno shouldn’t be remembered for scandal


College football lost one of its best in Joe Paterno on Sunday.

A statue of Joe Paterno outside of the Penn State's football field should remind people how dedicated he was to the university. Photo by: seng1011 / Flickr

The famed Penn State coach died just 65 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer and about three months after coaching his beloved Nittany Lions for the final time. He will forever be remembered as Penn State’s Joe Pa, a loyal leader and friendly face to his players and the student body. Unfortunately, some people outside of Penn State may only remember Paterno for the scandal involving his former replacement, Jerry Sandusky.

Critics from everywhere surfaced when Paterno was sadly forced to leave Penn State, slinging mud at the man headlines are calling “a flawed hero.” Yes, he made some questionable mistakes by not whistle blowing on his assistant coach. However, how are we to know how much Paterno actually knew about Sandusky’s inexcusable action? And from my understanding, Sandusky’s wrong doings were reported all the way to the top, which in turn did nothing.

It is former Penn State president Graham Spanier and former athletics director Tim Curley who should be remembered as the behind-the-scenes transgressors of the Sandusky scandal. Alas, Paterno’s name will be forever linked — closer than any of his colleagues — to Sandusky’s sins. It caused him a great deal of stress in his final months and the heartache from the entire affair more or less killed the poor man.