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San Francisco 49ers fans suspect Brandon Jacobs gave New York Giants their gameplan

San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is suspected of giving the New York Giants, his former team, the ‘Niner gameplan before the two teams squared off Sunday afternoon. Photo by: Zennie Abraham / Flickr

BY DAN BENTON, syndication 

Losing graciously is not something that often occurs in the city of San Francisco. Following the 2011 NFC Championship game, players and coaches of the San Francisco 49ers were quick to point fingers at each other, claiming they had beaten themselves. That’s a mantra that continued this week as the New York Giants came to town – a week in which the 49ers vowed revenge. However, after a 26-3 beatdown courtesy of Big Blue, they were left speechless.

The same cannot be said about their fans, however. In a desperate attempt to explain away their embarrassing performance on Sunday, several fans took to 49ers forums and message boards suggesting that running back Brandon Jacobs, angry over not playing, supplied his former teammates with the 49ers’ week six gameplan.

“I’m telling you man, I have a really hard time believing there’s no chance Jacobs did something fishy. It straight up LOOKED like they knew our entire gameplan and everything we were gonna do, then when you factor in we have a player who’s been documented as being pissed at the coaching staff for never playing, AND that he used to play for our opponent and is clearly still very buddy-buddy with them based on his post-game actions, it’s very very very very VERY fishy,” wrote one fan on 49erswebzone.

The conspiracy theorists point to Jacobs’ actions before and after the game, in which he spent with his former teammates both on the field and in the locker-room. And unlike wide receiver Mario Manningham, Jacobs did appear to be doing more than visiting. It’s almost as if he wanted to be packed up and shipped back to New Jersey on the plane, but that is hardly an indication of treason.

“I heard that Ahmad Bradshaw was on the sidelines giving Giants safeties heads up on the routes 49ers WRs were going to run…somethin’ ain’t right,” another fan posted.

After eight years in New York, it’s no real surprise that Jacobs has some close ties to the team. That said, he was hungry and wanted nothing more than to put on the pads and run through the team that opted not to re-sign him. And he most certainly did not hand over any gameplan. But with no straws left to grasp at, 49ers fans are just left tossing that brown stuff up against the walls … hoping something sticks. (more…)