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How the Dwight Howard trade impacts the Denver Nuggets


Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Andre Iguodala is headed to the Denver Nuggets as part of a four-tea trade that also sent superstar Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. Photo by: Joe Glorioso / Flickr

There’s a reason why the headline of this blog has the name Dwight Howard in it and not Andre Iguodala’s.

In a trade that more or less wrapped up late Thursday night, NBA Superstar Dwight Howard was dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-team deal, involving the Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers. Howard wasn’t the only big name involved in the trade, but he by far was the biggest one, stealing the show. However, he wasn’t the only top-tier player switching teams. Once the dust settles, Lakers center Andrew Bynum will head to the 76ers; Philadelphia swingman Andre Iguodala will be playing in the Mile High City; and Al Harrington and Aaron Afflalo will suit up for the Magic, which also landed three first-round picks and a couple of no-namers in the block buster.

Now that the explanation is out of the way, I had to ask myself, ‘is this a good move for the Denver Nuggets?’ Well, let’s break down the impacts of the players and picks lost and the new addition by Denver:

• A two for a two: Fans may be excited for Iguodala, but they should also be saddened by the departure of Afflalo. I kind of see this move as a wash because of the numbers that Iggy put up last season. While Afflalo was reaching career highs last year, Iguodala was dipping toward career lows. His 12. 9 points per game were certainly uncharacteristic after the Arizona product was consistently scoring at least 17 points per game after his sophomore season in 2005-2006. While Iguodala digressed, Afflalo began to soar in the scoring column as he received more and more playing time. Last season, he finally made his way into Denver’s starting lineup, making the most of it with a 15.2 points per game clip. There is a big difference in the two shooting guards, though. Afflalo is a more one-dimensional player because really all he can do is score while Iguodala is a triple threat, averaging 6.1 rebounds per game and 5.5 assists last year. The scoring numbers alone, however, lead me to believe the Nugs gave up way too much for Iggy, sending a proven scorer, Harrington (another scoring machine) and a first-round pick. (more…)