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Chuck Pagano sees positives in Indianapolis Colts’ youth

BY REBECCA PIERCE, syndication 

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck threw for more than 300 yards and his first NFL touchdown in his debut against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Photo by: Angie Six / Flickr

Indianapolis Colts‘ head coach Chuck Pagano is never pleased with a loss, but following Sunday’s defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears, he saw a lot of positives from his younger players.

Pagano had five players on offense and defense taking their first NFL snaps and a total of 11 players making their first appearances at members of the Indianapolis Colts. Facing a veteran Bears bunch on the road in their first regular season game wasn’t exactly a recipe for victory. Nonetheless, Pagano saw some good things from his crew:

“There’s a bunch of young guys that stepped up and made plays and the game wasn’t too big for them. We kind of expected it because we saw it in preseason, and you can say, ‘Well it’s preseason,’ but it’s the same thing. It wasn’t too big for them and Coby (Fleener) played as good a game as he’s played since he’s been here counting the preseason the catches that he made and then the run game. He did a nice job in the run game. Kris (Adams) made plays. So there were a lot of young guys that did a lot of great things.” (more…)