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Ron Rivera: Cam Newton won’t succumb to sophomore slump

BY JESSE COLLIN, syndication

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had an outstanding rookie year last season. The question is, can he follow it up in 2012-2013? Photo by: Parker Anderson

There have been several forces working against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton this offseason.

The first was the “Madden Cover Curse,” which Newton seemingly avoided by losing the vote to Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Now, fans are worried that Newton will fall victim to a “sophomore slump” after putting up ridiculous numbers during his rookie season. However, Newton will have the benefit of a full offseason heading into his second year – something that he didn’t have last season because of the lockout.

While Ron Rivera is certainly aware that it won’t be an easy task for Newton to duplicate his record-breaking rookie season, the Panthers head coach isn’t concerned about a potential slump for his star quarterback. (more…)