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NBA Power Rankings (Week Six): Running of the Bulls


NBA Power Rankings (week six) are organized with this week’s ranking, the team and last week’s ranking in parenthesis. 

Western Conference

1. Oklahoma City Thunder (2) – The Thunder continue to improve. Kevin Martin is basically giving the Thunder what James Harden did. I think their biggest weakness is their rebounding; Durant shouldn’t be their leading rebounder. They are hot, winning their last 8 games.

2. San Antonio Spurs (3) – San Antonio has won their last four games with a solid win against Memphis. They also have the best road record in the NBA with 10 wins already; the next best team on the road has seven wins.

3. Memphis Grizzlies (1) – The Grizzlies have lost two out of their last four games. They lost to San Antonio and Atlanta. Zack Randolph is ballin out of control, he could be in the MVP talk at the end of the year.

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Eastern Conference

1. New York Knicks (1) – New York is for real, they were able to beat the Heat by 20 points without Melo. I only have one concern for the Knicks — they shoot a lot of three’s. They were the first team in the history of the league to attempt 40 three-pointers in 2 consecutive games. At some point, I think this could hurt them somewhere along the way.

2. Miami Heat (2) – Miami still sits at No 2 because of their loss to the Knicks. I still think that Miami is going to win the East, but they are getting everybody’s A game simply because they are the Champs. On a side note, D-Wade is starting to look old.

3. Atlanta Hawks (4) – Hotlanta is 9-1 their last 10 games. They have won three games in a row, and they sit half a game behind Miami in the Southeast Division. They will be a tough match up for anybody in the playoffs.

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