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Federer, Nadal not slowing down any time soon


Professional men's tennis players Roger Federer, left, and Rafael Nadal have won 76 percent of major tournaments during the course of their careers. Photo by: Nick Step / Flickr

Domination is a popular and common term often applied to sporting performance. If anything, it is tremendously overused, and therefore its meaning has been diluted by the majority of sporting publications. The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines domination as “supremacy or preeminence over another” and “exercise of mastery or ruling power.” Despite your initial thoughts, the premier example of nonstop and unrelenting domination in a professional sport isn’t found on the gridiron, hardwood court, or baseball diamond. It is found on the tennis court, in the form of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, two world class athletes who continue to consistently and unshakably demolish the rest of the field.

To put Nadal and Federer’s unbridled success into perspective, they have combined to win 26 of the last 34 Grand Slam titles ( Grand Slams constitute the U.S. Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and Australian Open). Since taking home his first win at the U.S Open in 2003, Federer has gone on to earn 15 other Slams, and finish as runner-up seven times. The current #3 ranked player in the world possesses a tremendous 810-186 singles record and has won 70 career singles tournaments and 8 doubles tournaments. So far, Nadal has 10 Grand Slam victories under his belt, cementing himself as the King of Clay by winning six titles at the French Open. The 25-year old Spaniard is currently ranked #2 in the world and boasts 46 career singles titles and a 544- 117 singles record.