Meet your fellow fan

Our regular contributors at are typical sports fans. They might own a handful of jerseys, but you won’t find a single one in the luxury box at a pro sporting event or in line to purchase season tickets.

Like most sports fans, we at Couch Side are like everyone else. We watch ESPN, have our favorite sports websites, and tune into live games on TV from time to time. We don’t pretend to know every piece of sports trivia out there, but each staffer is extremely passionate about what they write about.

Click on the links below for a bio on each of our staff writers here at

• Wade McMillin: Editor, Webmaster & Co-Host of “Couch Side.”

• Craig Paul: Co-Host of “Couch Side.”

• Trevor Gould: writer

• Stayson Isobe: writer

• Chuck Constantino:

• Brett Murdock: writer

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