Couchsideshow.com was created in 2011 by former sports reporter Wade McMillin.

The website’s mission is to give the common fan a soapbox to express their unheard opinions about the wide world of sports. User submissions are accepted and regular staff writers keep Couch Side up to date with opinions on the latest sports headlines. The website also has a weekly podcast, “Couch Side.” The 30-minute podcast, hosted by Wade McMillin and Craig Paul, examines the latest news from the sporting world and offers opinion about all major sports.

Where other blog sites from fans fail, couchsideshow.com promises to stay active to bring you the perspective of your every-day-fan. Sports commentary doesn’t have to just come from the pros. We’re all about sports news and opinion from the fans, for the fans. After all, we don’t need insight from ex-professional athletes. We’re completely capable of offering our own opinon, comfortably from our seats on COUCH SIDE!

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