Frozen Four first-hand account


Like I posted in my first blog, the Frozen Four is an equivalent to the Final Four in basketball except with hockey.
The four College teams competing in 2013 were the Yale Bulldogs, Quinnipiac Bobcats, St. Cloud State, and UMass Lowell. All four teams fought their way up to the tournament they all have dreamed of winning. The first semi-final game was UMass Lowell against the Yale Bulldogs. Throughout the beginning of the tournament, it was said that Yale was the “underdog,” and that their chances of going past the first round was slim.
Yet they defeated UMass, who was #3 seed, with a score of 3-2, winning in OT with the final goal scored by their Senior Captain, Andrew Miller. Leaving a stunned UMass Lowell crowd silent, the Bulldogs celebrated their first win, as they were now moving on to the championship round. The next game of the night was to be played by the Quinnipiac Bobcats and St. Cloud State. Quinnipiac had been the #1 seed team this season, so they definitely had quite the “rowdy” fan section.
The Bobcats crushed St. Cloud State with a 4-1 win, also pushing the Bobcats to the championship match, which was to be played Saturday, April 16th. Friday passed quickly, and soon it was that time of night, where hockey fans from all over the country made their way towards the Consol Energy Center to observe the NCAA Frozen Four National Championship.
Yale was placed as the #16 seed team, and they were about to face the #1 College hockey team in the U.S. The atmosphere of the arena was unlike any other I had ever experienced. An interesting fact that I learned about the two teams competing that night, was that the Yale and Quinnipiac Colleges are 7 miles apart from each other, making the teams arch rivals
Needless to say, some of the cheering wasn’t very appropriate, but it provided some good laughs for everyone who attended. The game was incredibly intense, both teams battling for the win.
Surprisingly enough, the Quinnipiac goalie was not on his A game like he had been all week, and Yale scored and defeated the Bobcats with an ending score of 4-0! Man, that ice rink ERUPTED with screams and applaud, it was a moment that still produces goosebumps on my arms when I think of it. This was the first National Championship that the Yale Bulldogs had won, so this moment will be going down in history forever.
Also a great part of the night involved the Yale Bulldogs goalie, Jeff Malcolm, who was celebrating his 24th birthday with shutout win and the NCAA National Champions title. To the Yale Bulldogs, I congratulate you on your amazing win, and to the Quinnipiac Bobcats, better luck next year.

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