True fan or band wagoner?

At the moment, I am laying in a hotel bed, in a city I’ve never been in before, researching College hockey teams.
Some people might think this is odd, but it is no different than a basketball fan looking up College basketball teams for the Final Four. Though many folks don’t know this, there is a hockey equivalent to the Final Four; it is known as the Frozen Four. The location of the Frozen Four is different every year, with different teams, and different fans attending the games. This year the tournament is held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve begun to wonder if these people rooting for specific teams are actually fans, or just band-wagoners.
I say this because when you ask these people who they are rooting for, 80% of the time it is the #1 seed team in the tournament. If that just so happens to be their favorite team, then so be it, but usually the difference between a real fan and a bandwagon fan is easily recognizable. For instance, a real fan might know people on the team, or have all the fan attire supporting the team. If you ask one of these fans a question about their team, be prepared to have a conversation longer than an elevator ride.
On the other hand, bandwagon
fans might give you very short, to the point answers about their “favorite team”. Lesson being, when going to a sports tournament of any kind, make sure you do your research on the teams so you don’t get caught as the bandwagon fan.

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