Couch Side’s All-Time NBA Fantasy Draft Recap

BY staff

Couch side senior blogger Matthew Vinsko won our All-Time NBA Fantasy Draft.

Couch side senior blogger Matthew Vinsko won our All-Time NBA Fantasy Draft.

The Couch Side All-time NBA Fantasy Draft concluded about a week and a half ago. The teams were picked. Judges have dished out their decisions and we have a winner! For those of you who didn’t get a chance to listen to these special edition podcasts, click here to access them via iTunes or follow the links and clicks below:





Now that access to the All-Time NBA Fantasy Draft has been granted, let’s unveil the teams and how they were ranked. Couch Side asked three judges, Chris Etling, Chuck Constantino and Vin Cappiello to rank the teams one through five, based on talent and how the team would mesh. A very huge thank you goes out to those judges, especially Chris, who offered a deep analysis of each squad. You can check out more of Chris’ works and podcasts by visting his blog site,  Here’s a look at that analysis, team rosters and how the voting broke down of Couch Side’s top 100 NBA players of all time by position:

CHAMPION: Matthew Vinsko (Two first-place votes, one second-place vote, 1.68 average — Third pick overall, third in round two)

• Starters: C. Kareem Abdul Jabar, PF. Tim Duncan, SF. Kevin Durant, SG. Reggie Miller, PG. Oscar Robertson

• Bench: C. Patrick Ewing, PF. Kevin McHale, SF. John Havlicek, SG. Pete Maravich, PG. Isaiah Thomas

• Analysis by Chris Etling: At first glance, this lineup looks bizarre to me. Then I start thinking about the synergy of offense and defense that the starting five can bring, and I change my mind. Robertson changed the point guard position with his blend of scoring, rebounding and passing, and he’ll have two tremendous shooters in Durant and Miller to help space the floor. That gives Abdul-Jabbar and Duncan plenty of room to operate in the post where they’re most effective. Defensively, Duncan helps cover for Kareem’s deficiencies, and the rest of the lineup is solid. The bench includes the enigma that is Pistol Pete and some rock-solid players like McHale and Thomas. And since this team is playing for pride and not an NBA title, Patrick Ewing might actually contribute.

• Votes: TALENT: 3rd; MESH: 1st; OVERALL: 2nd (Chris); 2nd (Vin); 3rd (Chuck)

• Championship comments: “I had a lot of fun teaming up with five fellow NBA fans to take a look at the past, present, and future of the NBA,” Vinsko said. “I’m happy my knowledge of my favorite sport has led me to make the decisions I did regarding drafting. I had a blast researching the best players at each position to put together what I deem a super team, and thank everyone involved for putting this together. I think a similar draft or panel in the future would be equally stimulating, and hope to continue contributing anyway that I can.”

RUNNER UP: Sean Schoonover (One first-place votes, one second-place vote, one fourth-place vote, 2.33 avg. — Fourth pick overall, second in round two)

• Starters: C. Bill Russel, PF. Elvin Hayes, SF. LeBron James, SG. Kobe Bryant, PG. John Stockton

Bench: C. George Mikan, PF. Dirk Nowitzki, SF. Rick Barry, SG. George Gervin, PG. Jason Kidd

• Analysis by Chris Etling: It’s extremely tough to see this team losing. Russell was a consummate champion. Kobe’s will to win surpasses anyone but Jordan. LeBron might be the most talented player in NBA history. Stockton is the perfect point for this team because of his unselfishness. Mikan broke the game of basketball as a dominant force before his time. And there’s some extremely efficient scoring off the bench with Dirk, Barry and Gervin — and another point guard who doesn’t need the ball in his hands and was a great defender in his prime. The combination of LeBron and Kobe can lock down any other team’s wings. As long as Kobe doesn’t shoot 37 times a game, this is tough to beat.

• Votes: TALENT: 2nd; MESH: 2nd; OVERALL: 1st (Chris); 2nd (Vin); 4th (Chuck)

THIRD PLACE: Brett Murdock (Two third-place votes, one fourth-place vote, 3.33 avg., won tie-breaking vote from Theo Donley — First pick overall, fifth in round two)

• Starters: C. Shaquille O’Neal, PF. Kevin Garnett, SF. Scottie Pippen, SG. Michael Jordan, PG. Steve Nash

Bench: C. David Robinson, PF. Chris Webber, SF. Elgin Baylor, SG. Clyde Drexler, PG. Bob Cousey

• Analysis by Chris Etling: As much of a Steve Nash fan as I am, this team is a horrible look for him. Nash’s most efficient offenses have been dependent on having at least two shooters on the floor at the same time (even better if the bigs can hit the three), and this lineup has absolutely no three-point shooting. Considering his defensive shortcomings, Nash is almost a negative to this roster. The Jordan/Pippen pairing reunites to great effect, and the rest of the starting lineup can certainly hold their own…but if the plan was team synergy, Nash was the wrong pick for PG. The bench is strong, with an underrated David Robinson backing up Shaq and a forgotten Bob Cousy able to spell Nash when his back flares up.

• Votes: TALENT: 1st; MESH: 5th; OVERALL: 3rd; 4th (Vin); 3rd (Chuck)

FOURTH PLACE: Stayson Isobe (One first-place votes, one fourth-place vote, one fifth-place vote, 3.33 avg., lost tie-breaking vote from Theo Donley — Fifth pick overall, first in round two)

• Starters: C. Hakeem Olajuwon, PF. Moses Malone, SF. Larry Bird, SG. Jerry West, PG. Magic Johnson

• Bench: C. Dikembe Mutombo, PF. Charles Barkley, SF. Dominique Wilkins, SG. Ray Allen, PG. Gary Payton

• Analysis by Chris Etling: This team has some great players, but I wonder about some of the overlap. Olajuwon and Mutombo were great defensive bigs (although Hakeem had fantastic post offense to go with it). Malone and Barkley were both undersized power forwards who happened to be tremendous rebounders. West and Allen are prolific scorers with holes in their game. Then again, the Magic-Bird pairing would be an absolute terror, and Wilkins would destroy some other teams as a sixth-man option off the bench. Payton, while a little bit overrated in my book, was a great defender and capable point. This team’s best chance is to hope that its centers can provide enough help defense to cover their teammates’ lack of size.

• Votes: TALENT: 4th; MESH: 4th; OVERALL: 4th (Chris); 5th (Vin); 4th (Chuck)

FIFTH PLACE: Craig Paul (Five fifth-place votes, 5.0 avg. — Second pick overall, fourth in round two)

• Starters: C. Wilt Chamberlin, PF. Karl Malone, SF. Julius Erving, SG. Allen Iverson, PG. Chris Paul

• Bench: C. Bill Walton, PF. Shawn Kemp, SF. Paul Pierce, SG. Dwayne Wade, PG. Lenny Wilkins

• Analysis by Chris Etling: This is an interesting blend of players, but it’s tough to imagine how it would work together if only because the eras are so different. Paul can run the pick and roll with Malone all day. Chamberlain was unstoppable in his time, and you have to imagine he could hold his own still given the collapse of the modern center position. If Allen Iverson is a secondary scoring option and not a team’s only threat, you can emphasize his strengths instead of having him jack up 20-footers all game. Dr. J is tough to measure against today’s stars, but there’s no doubt he’d still be good. The bench has some great talent, and also some extreme injury risks. If everyone’s healthy, that’s a good look — if not, the starters should prepare for about 44 minutes a night.

• Votes: TALENT: 5th; MESH: 3rd; OVERALL: 5th (Chris); 5th (Vin); 5th (Chuck)

DRAFT SNUBS, According to Vin Cappiello

“There are five players all of you missed: Wesley Unseld, Dennis Rodman, Reggie Lewis, Bill Cunnigham and Walt Frazier,” Cappiello said. “I’d put my five up against any of those first two teams any day.”

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