NBA Power Rankings: Week Three


Western Conference

1. Memphis Grizzlies (4) – Memphis is playing the best basketball in the league right now. They have beaten the Heat, the Thunder, and the Knicks so far this early season. Gay, Gasol, and Randolph are all playing well, this team really looks like a contender.

2. San Antonio Spurs (2) – The Spurs are just a sold basketball team. I would not be surprised if they ended up with the best record in the league this year. They have 12 players who are getting 10 minutes or more. That is rare to see in the NBA, I believe this is going to help them down the stretch.

3. L.A. Clippers (3) – Lob City is for real. This team will be very good at the end of the season. They have beaten all the good teams, Miami, Lakers, Spurs, and Memphis. Most of their games have been at home, they have a tough 4 game road trip this week. We will see how well Lob City can travel.

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Eastern Conference

1. Miami Heat (1) – After I watched them play Boston the first game of the year, I thought that they were unbeatable. Against Boston they got 29 points from D-Wade, 26pts and 10 rebounds from Lebron, 19pts and 10reb from Bosh, and 19 points off the bench from Ray Allen. If they can continue to get this production, they might break the record for wins in a season.

2. Chicago Bulls (2) – The Bulls haven’t showed me anything to lower themselves in the Power Rankings. They are getting good production from their starters, everybody but Kirk Hinrich is averaging over 11. Noah is averaging nearly 15pts, and 9 rebounds. Once Derrick Rose comes back they could win the east.

3. Indiana Pacers (3) – All of their starters are averaging over 10 pts. They are also getting 10 pts off the bench from Lance Stephenson and Tyler Hansbrough. If they can continue to get this kind of production they will be just fine. They will be dangerous by the endo of the season.

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