Couch Side’s Week 11 Power Rankings

Editor’s note: Normally you can access Couch Side’s MLB, NBA and NFL Power Rankings by visiting the “Power Rankings” Tab on the top of this website, but we will now make them posts as well for even more access. However, we will only show the top three in a post and you have to access the rest by clicking on the tab above. Don’t forget to check out our NBA Power Rankings by Jordan Wheeler at the top of this page. 


The Texans take over the top spot in this week’s NFL power rankings thanks to their victory over the Bears and the Falcons loss to the Saints. In week 10 we also saw four teams lose their starting quarterbacks to injury and our first tie game since 2008. With that here are your week eleven NFL power rankings:

(Last week’s ranking), Team, (record)

  1. (2) Houston Texans (8-1)- The Texans take over the top spot and do it with style. They went into Chicago, forced four turnovers and knocked Jay Cutler out of the game. If defense wins Championships, then this team has a very strong bid this year.
  2. (1)Atlanta Falcons (8-1)-The Falcons are dethroned from the top spot for the first time this season. Their inability to establish a run game was a major issue in their loss to the Saints on Sunday and will continue to be if adjustments are not made. However, given the big lead they have in their division, there is no reason this team doesn’t win the NFC South.
  3. (3)Chicago Bears (7-2) – The Chicago Bears lost a tough one to the Texans and lost Jay Cutler in the process. The Bears could lose some ground in the division if he is sidelined for any extended period of time. Last year in games without Cutler the Bears were 1-5, so his presence is a necessity if they want to win the division.

To see who else made Sean’s top 10 NFL teams after week 11, please visit:

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