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Quick Read: Bart Scott disses heckling Jets fans

BY GLENN ERBY, syndication

Jets fans are like most fans in NFL stadiums around the league. 

New York Jets lineback Bart Scott. Photo by: Marianne O’Leary / Flickr

They are passionate about their team, and use the excuse of being passionate whenever they cross the line. The Jets players were serenaded with boo’s and other profane language as they walked to the locker room  at the half of their humiliating loss to the Patriots.

Jets boisterous linebacker Bart Scott has a message for those same fans via the New York Daily News, and it’s not very kind.

“At the end of the day, if you made it to be able to put an NFL uniform on, then you are one of the best athletes in the world,” Scott told the Daily News. “The person yelling at you probably was picked last in dodgeball all through high school. So do you care about the opinion of them? No.”
Scott’s comments were in response to a Deadspin video that showed those same loyal Jets fans letting their team have it in a not so nice way. Scott continued on to describe what it’s like dealing with Jets fans.
“That’s what we always get. We get stuff like that all the time,” he said. “Trust me, that’s not out of the ordinary. You get that behind our bench while we are playing. Trust me, there’s been worse stuff said behind there.”
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Braves first to pull the Free Agent trigger with Upton signing


The Atlanta Braves signed B.J. Upton to a five-year, $75 million deal Wednesday afternoon. Photo by: Keith Allison / Flickr

The MLB hot stove has heaten up early this offseason.

The Toronto Blue Jays started the late-fall flames with their blockbuster deal that picked up any sort of talent the Miami Marlins still had. Then Toronto struck again, signing 2012 MLB All-Star Game MVP Melky Cabrera, who will be fresh off a 50-game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. The rest of the young offseason has already seen a plethora of re-signings and small-end swaps to keep fans interested enough to care.

Just two months into this uncharacteristic MLB offseason things have been exciting without a top name free agent finding a new home. With names like Josh Hamilton, and Zack Greinke on the market, it’s unusual Free Agency hasn’t been the talk of this early offseason buzz. But all of that may have ended Wednesday afternoon when the Atlanta Braves struck a deal with B.J. Upton, who is considered the top free agent center fielder.  (more…)

Approved lease agreement provides relief for Glendale, Coyote fans

The Phoenix Coyotes could be in the desert for another 20 years after a lease agreement was reached this week. Photo by: M P R / Flickr


May 5, 2009 and November 27, 2012. Two separate dates that in the 3 years, 6 months and 23 days in between spawned years of turmoil, uncertainty, cheap shots, internet arguments, and countless other immature, childish and un-endearing incidents.

I’m of course talking about the Phoenix Coyotes and their recent struggles off the ice. The two dates are very closely related. The May 5 date is when then-team owner Jerry Moyes plunged the financially-troubled franchise into bankruptcy and created a maelstrom of everything listed above. Fast forward to the November 27 date and the dust has now appeared to settle after the City of Glendale approved a 20-year lease agreement with prospective, and likely, owner Greg Jamison, hopefully ending years of unpredictability.

Its amazing that it took just over three-and-a-half years for a professional sports team to finally be on the brink (and not yet) sold, but the situation with the Coyotes was not exactly what one would call normal. First off, Arizona, mainly the Phoenix-Metro is not exactly a hockey hotbed due to the desert climate. Secondly, the NHL were caught up in numerous legal battles with Moyes, previous Blackberry CEO Jim Balsillie (who wanted to move the team to Canada way back in 2009), the hacks at the Goldwater Institute (a watchdog group with an interest to protect taxpayers, but yet weren’t elected…). Third, potential deals with sports mogul Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of Chicago’s Bulls and White Sox), the Ice Edge Holdings group (still a laughingstock on numerous message boards) and Matthew Hulsizer (who actually had an agreement ready to go, but was summarily blocked by the aforementioned Institute) collapsed faster than the WWE SmackDown ring when Brock Lesnar superplexed Big Show in 2002 (see below).


Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: 49ers offense provides boost


We are now three quarters of the way through the 2012 NFL season; five weeks now remain and things are getting interesting as teams hit the home stretch. Division races are starting to clear up, but wild card races in both conferences are still highly contested. With that here are your week thirteen NFL power rankings:

(Last week’s ranking), Team, (record)

1. (1) Houston Texans (10-1)- The Texans won their second overtime game in five days, beating the Lions 34-31 on Thursday. Their defense the last two weeks has proven to be very vulnerable, especially in the passing game, but Matt Schaub and the Texans offense have overcame their deficits, putting up superb numbers in both weeks.

2. (2)Atlanta Falcons (10-1)-The Falcons won another close one, ousting the Buccaneers 24-23 on Sunday. Julio Jones proved to be the difference catching six passes for 147 yards and a touchdown; showing that when healthy he is almost unstoppable.

3. (5) San Francisco 49ers (8-2-1) – With Colin Kaepernick making his second straight start, he and the Niners provided a dominant performance downing the Saints 31-21. The question now is will that performance earn him the starting spot over Alex Smith for the remainder of the season.

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Have Opponents Figured Out the Houston Texans?

BY MIKE WOOD, syndication

With a couple of lackluster wins during the past two weeks, some NFL teams seam to have figured out the one-loss Houston Texans. Photo by: Brit / Flickr

The Houston Texans currently hold the AFC’s best record at 10-1, also tied for the top record in the NFL. However, as the Texans continue to pile up wins, their opponents continue to bring their “A” game in hopes of playing spoiler and knocking off a legit Super Bowl contender. The past two weeks, the Texans have put together a pair of thrilling, hard fought, close overtime victories, but against poor competition in the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions. This begs the question, are the Texans simply going through a bit of a midseason slump, or have opponents figured out the formula to defeat them?

The answer to this question might be a little bit of both. Coming down the home stretch of the regular season, the Texans are virtually a lock to simply make the playoffs (were one Dolphins loss away from actually clinching Sunday), the AFC South divisional crown seems in hand baring a complete late season collapse, and the Texans are still in great position to take the AFC’s top seed with a one game lead over the second place Baltimore Ravens and tiebreakers with those Ravens and AFC West division leading Denver Broncos.

It would appear the Texans have a little room to slump, maybe due to a lack of motivation. The NFL season is long and the Texans, like most other teams, are pretty banged up. It’s understandable if the Texans didn’t mentally prepare for the Jags or Lions the same way they might for the Ravens or Broncos, especially considering their aforementioned lead in the standings. If this was definitively the case, then there wouldn’t be much worry because fans have seen the Texans turn it on and win almost every big game they’ve played in this season (minus their one loss of course). The game in two weeks against the New England Patriots will confirm or deny the claim that the Texans are simply playing down to their competition due to a lack of motivation. (more…)

NBA Power Rankings: Week Four


NBA Power Rankings (week four) are organized with this week’s ranking, the team and last week’s ranking in parenthesis. 

Western Conference

1. Memphis Grizzlies (1) – Memphis is going to stay at the top of my power rankings this week. They are the hottest team in the league going 9-1 their last 10 games, with a loss to Denver. 4 of their starters are averaging 15 points, and Zach Randolph is averaging an amazing 5 offensive rebounds a game. That is a lot of extra possessions to get points on the board.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (4) – The Thunder are starting to mesh better after the roster shake up at the beginning of the year. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games with a nice win against the Clippers this week.

3. San Antonio Spurs (2) – The Spurs won two tough road games this week, one at Boston and one at Indiana. The have 6 guys who are averaging around 10 points a game. They use their bench more than anybody in league that should help those old legs of their stars stay fresh.

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Eastern Conference

1. New York Knicks (1) – The Knicks are still on top of the East. They had two road losses this week but I’m not ready to move them down. I really like how they are playing, and I believe they are the Heat’s biggest threat.

2. Miami Heat (2) – The Heat are number 2 because they have one loss against their own conference. New York and Miami each are undefeated at home, they each are 4-3 on the road, and undefeated in their own divisions. New York however is 6-0 in the East compared to 5-1 for Miami.

3. Brooklyn Nets (3) – The Nets went 2-2 this week. I am a little concerned about the Nets. Brook Lopez is their leading scorer. I believe that needs to change for them to be a contender. Joe Johnson should be that guy. They also need to become a better rebounding team.

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