Jay Cutler rips Bears fans at halftime

Chicago Bear quarterback allegedly mouthed obscenities at home fans while walking into his team’s locker room Sunday.

BY JOSH HILL, Feedcrossing.com syndication 

Jay Cutler is a hard guy to like.

Sure he’s the quarterback of the most popular team in the Chicago area, and a “franchise” guy, but Jay Cutler’s attitude is making it really hard  to root for the Chicago Bears and enjoy their success.

The Blackhawks have Jonathan Toews who balances out Patrick Kane‘s so-so antics. But at least Kane loves Hawks fans and never shuts them or the media out. The Bulls have Derrick Rose, perhaps the most likable guy in the NBA and the Sox, as brutal as that clubhouse can get, have guys that fans love.

Cutler is as polarizing as it gets, and it seems each week we’re not only watching to see what he does on the field but what he does on the sidelines as well.

We got another “Cutler being Cutler” moment on his way to the locker room, trailing at halftime. As boos reigned down in Chicago, FOX cameras followed Cutler and caught him giving a condescending look to the Bears faithful at Soldier Field and mouthing something that is open to interpretation — but it didn’t seem like he was thanking them for coming.

Dan Bernstein from CBS Chicago suggested that Cutler was saying “You fuc#!ing fans, you guys…”. The GIF above seems to also suggest that, or at least Cutler is saying words to that effect.

Cutler didn’t even have that great of a day, but he said after the game that he’d have booed the Bears performance as well. Look, I get it he’s a heat of the moment kind of player. But everyone in the NFL is like that, they just don’t wear it on their sleeves as plainly as Cutler does.

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