Gilbert Arenas says he’s considering signing with Lakers

BY ROBERT LITTAL, syndication

Gilbert Arenas played is just 17 games last season for the Memphis Grizzlies. Photo by: Truthaboutit / Flickr

Gilbert may want to sign with the Lakers or the Clippers, but to my understanding neither team has any interest in him.

Agent Zero was tracked down at a gas station and was asked by the owner what was his plans were for next year (yes this is a true story). Here is what he said via Considering that Steve Blake hurt his foot on a parking lot spike (yeah that sounds fishy to me as well), I guess the Lakers could bring him for a look see similar to how they did last season before Arenas ended up on the Grizzlies where he barely averaged 4.2 points per game.

Arenas, 30, has played 11 seasons for __ teams, but fizzled out after bringing in a weapon into the Washington Wizards locker room. After that incident, it seemed as if Arenas never returned to his former MVPesque self. He did have a good season two years, however, averaging about 18 points per game. But in the offseason the point guard never really drew much interest from any NBA team.

Seems like everyone either wants to play in LA, Miami or NY, sorry Bobcats you simply will never prosper.

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