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Couch Side Podcast Episode 23: Head-to-Head Hanchos

BY staff

After an entre week off, Couch Side hosts Wade McMillin and Craig Paul make an epic return, continuing our official 2012 NFL preview that examines the NFC North. Out hosts also discuss the British Open and for the first time they dish out Fantasy Football advice in a new segment entitled “Head-to-Head Hanchos,” which includes players to stay away doe your 2012 draft. Click below to steam, download or subscribe to the Couch Side Podcast — now airing in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming only on KNWT 89.1 FM every Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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Couch Side’s MLB mid-season awards

Editor’s note: About a week before the All-Star break, Couch Side blogger Brandon Smith included his mid-season MLB awards for both leagues as part of our MLB Power Rankings. We couldn’t let his spot on picks go to waste, so here they are, repackaged, in a blog of their own. Enjoy!


NewYyork Mets pitcher R.A. has eaily been Major League Baseball’s story of the year at 37 years old and with a 2.72 ERA and 13-1 record. Photo by: Paul Hadsall / Flickr

• NL MVP: Joey Votto — No argument here, he’s the most valuable offense force on a team that happens to be a contender.

Runner up: David Wright

• AL MVP: Mike Trout  The numbers have been outstanding, and he’s easily the most exciting young player in the game outside of Harper. His production has been nothing but phenomenal on the offense and defensive side. I’m sure it would be a tough call between him and Hamilton.

Runner up:  Josh Hamilton

• NL CY YOUNG: R.A. Dickey  The journeyman knuckleballer has been the biggest individual surprise of the season, and has an impressive 12-1 record on a shockingly decent Mets squad. He also has two straight 1-hitters to his resume and a league leading 0.88 WHIP, at this point he’s the best choice.

• Runner up: Zack Greinke  (more…)

Knicks, Lin crazy for offseason decable


The Houston Rockets took a gamble, signing one-year phenom point guard Jeremy Lin to a back loaded contract this week. Photo by: Scott Beale / Flickr

Not many players capture the attention of the entire league, or arguably the entire nation for months on end, especially during the regular season.  But last spring, amid injuries to superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, the New York Knicks managed to find a player to not only save a season in doubt, but rejuvenate a franchise moving forward.

That man, Cinderella-story Jeremy Lin, brought upon a wave of Linsanity not seen since the days Michael Jordan would regularly dominate the headlines.  Yes, I’ll admit guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are superstars and generally dominate the world of highlights and news clips, but for a good month or two, no one was talked about more than Lin.  The guy went from a bench player to a star overnight, on one of the biggest stages no less.

Still, many doubted the 23-year-old from Harvard due to his limited success after the return of Anthony and new head coach Mike Woodson.  After all, 26 (brilliant) games aren’t enough to bank on a future point guard and a back-loaded salary now is it? (more…)

The Déjà vu summer for the Suns

BY KEVIN BERTRAM, blogger     

The Phoenix Suns have acquired a handful of players this offseason perhaps lef by former Houston Rockets power forward Luis Scola. Photo by: Jeff Balke / Flickr

For Phoenix Suns fans, the way this offseason has played out has to feel somewhat familiar: a superstar leaves Phoenix for a larger market, and the front office uses nearly all the cap space to sign decent-to-good starters to “affordable” contracts. This was how things played out in 2010, and it is how things are playing out in 2012.

Of course, the superstar then leaving Phoenix was PF Amare Stoudemire, who picked the New York Knicks after they offered him a max contract with no injury clauses (The Suns, hesitant about what the state of Amare’s surgically-repaired knees would be at age 34, when his contract expired, refused to sign him to a contract without stipulations on how many games he could play in the final years of the deal). The front office letting Amare go was a hard move to understand at the time. The Suns had just come off of a brilliant postseason where they nearly toppled the Los Angeles Lakers to reach the NBA Finals. To replace their All-Star forward would be an impossible task that was made harder by the resignation of then-GM Steve Kerr and the transition to a new management team, headed by Lon Babby and Lance Blanks.  (more…)

Why should we care: Vick launches clothing line

Bloggers from are constantly reading some pretty silly headlines from all across the wide world of sports. Whether it’s about an athlete being seen at a mall or an irrelevant trade, the fact is, someone has written about it. Sometimes these “stories” are annoying. Sometime they are entertaining. So we’ve decided to take a look at three of these headlines and make a weekly blog: “Why should we care?” Enjoy part two of the ongoing series … 



With baseball at a standstill, the NBA offseason somewhat stealing headlines and Football still months away from its opening kick off, the mainstream media doesn’t have much to write about. So when Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick released his new clothing line Wednesday afternoon, I wasn’t surprised to see that the Associated Press picked up the story. Three years after being released from prison, Vick expanded his brand by releasing new threads with his clever brand name “V7.” At least that’s appropriate. But the rest of this “breaking news” doesn’t make sense to me. Only the elite of the elite should release their own clothing lines. Michael Jordan obviously has his own clothing line rightfully called Michael Jordan brand; Shaquille O’Neal sells clothes at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, I can’t remember; and Venus and Serena Williams have “Eleven.” Those types of athletes have the star power behind them to push clothes onto the public. Vick’s case to do the same is arguable, especially because of his run in with the law. But I guess if you have the money, you can throw it away however you want. I hope Vick has as much luck as Sacramento Kings forward John Salmons, who surprisingly has a line called Salmons & Brown. Ever heard of it? No? That’s OK, neither have I.


Couch Side Podcast: Episode 22 — Silva the Spider

BY staff

In this week’s episode Couch Side hosts Wade McMillin and Craig Paul begin their eight-part series that previews the 2012-2013 NFL season. In Title Talk our hosts discuss how good of a fighter Anderson Silva is. And in Quick Snippets, we break down the possible Dwight Howard trade to the Brooklyn Nets and the MLB Homerun Derby.

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