Why should we care: Chapman literally goes head over heels

Bloggers from Couchsideshow.com are constantly reading some pretty silly headlines from all across the wide world of sports. Whether it’s about an athlete being seen at a mall or an irrelevant trade, the fact is, someone has written about it. Sometimes these “stories” are annoying. Sometime they are entertaining. So we’ve decided to take a look at three of these headlines and make a weekly blog: “Why should we care?” Enjoy part one of the ongoing series … 

BY WADE MCMILLIN, Couchsideshow.com editor

• Reds closer Aroldis Chapman does double somersaults after save: Some fans (especially Brewers faithful) are loudly screaming foul after witnessing reds flamethrower Aroldis Chapman show off his tumbling skills Tuesday night. In fact, it pissed off Milwaukee players, Reds manager Dusty Baker and even Chapman’s Cincinnati teammates. I guess there is a law out against having fun. We’ve all seen boring handshakes after a closer puts another one in the books. So why not spice things up a little bit? I mean Chapman is a young player, who needed to brighten his own spirits after having himself a pretty bad month of shutting down games. Chapman hasn’t pitched like himself in the month of June, blowing three saves and taking a loss in his last 10 games. While his post-save actions may have been considered bush league, it’s nice to see a player show a little bit of life, especially in a slow sport like baseball. We would like to show you a full video of what he did, but YouTube was at least able to provide some response videos with some pictures. See below to check it out:

• Prince Charles makes rare visit to Wimbledon: The red carpets were rolled out in Wimbledon, England as Prince Charles visited the prestigious WTA Grand Slam event for the first time in 42 years. After this jaw dropping story broke, two more followed about how Charles watched Roger Federer‘s match and then about how the Prince of England applauded the star’s win. I’m still waiting for the story about if he scratched his butt between a serve or now. I mean who really cares. I suppose English tennis fans might, considering their leader hasn’t made an appearance at Wimbledon since 1970. But what blows my mind is that some reporter actually was aware of that fact. I guess I can’t blame the Associated Press for thinking this is news. After all US President Barrack Obama made headlines for commenting on Kevin Youkilis being traded to the Chicago Whitesox in front of a Boston crowd.

• Matt Kenseth to leave Roush at end of season: NASCAR driver and Sprint Cup points leader Matt Kenseth is getting a divorce. No, it’s not from his wife … if he has one. But rather, the NASCAR vet is leaving the only racing team he has ever known, Roush Fenway Racing. The only people who should care about this is the people from Roush Racing. Other than that, leave it out of our headlines. Given, no other driver besides Jeff Gordon has been with the same racing team for as long as Kenseth, who raced for Roush for 14 seasons, but doesn’t that fact speak as to why this is not important? Actual athletes in sports that actually matter (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, underwater basket weaving, etc.) are traded or sign with new teams all the time. However, they are actually switching places and will have to fit into a new system. There’s a lot of question marks when something like that happens. When a NASCAR driver swaps racing teams, the only real thing that happens is that his butt will be in a new car where he can drive straight and then take a left every once in a while.

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