Fans’ views: Manning, Tebow thoughts throughout the day


Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning agreed to a five-year, $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos on Tuesday morning. Photo by: Angie Six / Flickr

Throughout Tuesday morning, after Peyton Manning signed a $96 million deal with the Denver Broncos, tons of people have been lighting up FaceBook with heaps of opinion on Manning coming in and Tim Tebow about to be on his way out.

Being that most of my friends on FB are from Wyoming, a lot of them are Broncos fans and say it’s time to win. And of course, with a skilled veteran as their new man under center, they’ve forgotten that’s exactly what Tebow helped them do last season. I have been a Tebow fan since about half way through his senior year of high school becuase I am — above all — a Florida Gator fan. And this treatment, this disregard for a guy who guided the Broncos to the playoffs last year sickens me.

I understand it’s one thing to be happy about Peyton Manning coming into town, but it’s another to forget the past and the man who somewhat was responsible for turning the Broncos around last year. So a lot of people have asked me what I think about Tebow. I’ve also had to put some of these haters in check. Here is a few of my FaceBook conversations and wall posts (excuse the grammar) since the Manning deal went down:

• The latest: I’m wearing a Tebow jersey today. A Florida Tebow jersey. And I just want to say to all the Broncos fans, congrats on getting your guy, but don’t drag Tebow through the mud. He got a pretty pathetic team into the playoffs and then literally had his best game of his NFL career in a victory against the AFC champions. Show some appreciation instead of saying oh now we’re going to the Super Bowl. He’s just one player. And the Donkeys don’t compare to the Colts teams that Peyton had. Let’s not forget, too. Little brother has more rings, and Peyton has lost more under pressure in the Playoffs than he has won. Broncos fans and NFL fans alike make fun of his relationship with God, and now they act like Peyton Manning IS God. Give me a break.

• In response to where he’ll go: I wish they would keep him so he could learn, but management more or less hates him now that Manning is in town. Think of this: Manning sucks ass for four games in a row, then the billboards will go up, saying put Tebow back in. No one understands that this is just one player. The Broncos aren’t very good on paper and have a RB who is like 50. We also don’t know how Peyton will come back. He could be horrible and I hope Denver eats their 96M. I’m of course saying this cuz Broncos fans are so unappreciative of what the kid actually did. He won seven of his 11 games started, that’s somewhat manning-esque. Sure he didn’t put up MVP numbers while doing it, but last time I checked winning is the only thing that matters. And then, he literally has the best game of his NFL career in the PLAYOFFS against the AFC CHAMPIONS!!! Why wouldn’t ANY team want to take a risk on him. Obviously Denver is taking a HUGE risk on Manning. So why don’t the Dolphins or Jaguars do the same thing with Tebow. He has better winning percentages than David Garrard, Chad Henne, Matt Moore and Blaine Gabbert. The guy is a winner, so he always has the potential to get a W. Plus, you know he is going to put butts in the seats, especially in Florida. So if your Jacksonville, why not? They talk about Tebow’s completion percentage. Please. Look at Gabbert’s QB rating and tell me he is ready to start another year. Manning could be a huge bust. What if he reinjures his neck? I’m pretty sure neck injuries are nothing to be taken too lightly, but hey, why not pay $96M for a guy who CURRENTLY has one. There is no way Tebow will stick to answer you question after my rant. Pats, Jags, Dolphins are the teams in the ring right now, and says there’s at least two more right now.

• In response to a Broncos fan/good friend telling me this, “Wade, it was fun. Tim is a great guy. But now we’re going to go win again.”: And I can’t say it was a very fun time Nate … except for that playoff game. How could you say we’re going back to winning now. You’re disrespectful of a very great man. Do you think Otron could’ve went 8-8 and beat the Steelers in the playoffs? No way. Be happy what he did for the team. Hater!

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