2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Hit or Miss?

BY JOHN SCOTT, Couchsideshow.com contributor

The Montreal Canadiens traded defenseman Hal Gill after two and a half seasons with the team. Photo by: Bridget DS / Flickr

Although there was some interesting trades brought about in the NHL over the last week, this year’s trade deadline seemed to disappoint me. A lot of teams swapped players and draft picks in the last hours of the deadline for the betterment of their team, but few trades held star players.

Three out of 30 teams decided not to partake in the trade deadline frenzy, and two of those teams could furthermore enhance their teams by making some trades. The Calgary Flames decided not to keep their roster as is, which is a bold move for a team trying to grab a playoff spot. However, the Carolina Hurricanes chose not to trade anyone for some strange reason even though their dead last in their division, and fourth to last in the league. I don’t know what their GM is thinking at this point. I mean, you’re going 23-26-13 and you’re not trying to make that better? We’ll see if that pays off later on in the future.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

One of the major trades in the past week was between the Montreal Canadiens, and yes, that’s how they spell it, and the Nashville Predators. The Canadiens gave up big tough defenseman Hal Gill, goal scoring forward Andrei Kostitsyn, and a 2013 firth-round pick. Adding Hal Gill definitely will give them defensive support, and will go great with star defensemen Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. But more importantly, the Kostitsyn brothers have been reunited. Sergei Kostitsyn was aquired from Montreal in 2010, and now his brother Andrei is heading to Nashville for a nice family reunion. This will add some scoring up front for the Predators and support in the back.

The Canadiens, however, picked up not so popular Robert Slaney, Blake Geoffrion, a 2012 second-round pick, and a 2013 second-round pick. I’m not sure about the Canadiens acquirement’s on this one. I think they were looking more at the future than the present and hopefully those 2nd round picks will help them later on.

The Vancouver Canucks giving up Cody Hodgson also seems to make headline news this week. They traded the goal scorer to the Buffalo Sabres for a lot bigger and nastier Zack Kassian. The Canucks were looking for a bigger, more aggressive center, and they got just that with Kassian, and the Sabres added a goal scorer to their lineup. I think this trade was a fair trade, but, according to Twitter, Canucks fans were not happy about this.

The biggest trade this deadline period was by far the Jack Johnson and Jeff Carter trade between the Columbus Blue Jackets and L.A. Kings. The Blue Jackets gave up goal scoring machine Carter for the solid blue line player Jack Johnson. Now, the Columbus Blue Jackets will have top goal scorer, Rick Nash, up front and Jack Johnson holding the blue line. The LA Kings totally scored on this bargain. Acquiring Jeff Carter added even more depth to their front line. The Kings now have a solid forward set up, consisting of Jeff Carter, Anze Kopitar, Simon Gagne, Dustin Brown, Dustin Penner, and Mike Richards. Although they gave up a great defenseman, they still have the outstanding Drew Doughty. Give it a few years and the LA Kings will be contending for the Stanley Cup. Heck, they could even start next year.

Overall, this trade deadline period mostly just kept fans on the edge of their seats waiting for a big trade, but few actually happened. Next year, us fans want some trades we never saw coming. But for now, let the new teams roll.

John Scott is a junior at Cody High School and longtime youth hockey player in the Wyoming region.

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