Backup Brady Quinn rips “year of the Tebow”


Denver Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn ripped teammate Tim Tebow today in an interview for the March edition of GQ magazine. Photo by: Jeffrey Beall / Flickr

It’s hard for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to stay out of the news.

It’s also difficult for Tebow’s teammates to do the same, especially when they’re constantly being asked about the former Florida star. One Bronco, backup quarterback Brady Quinn, was the latest of Tebow’s teammates to conduct an interview about his colleague. Like any interview where the basis is about Tebow, Quinn could have either jumped on his teammate’s bandwagon or jumped off of it. Needless to say — because you’ve probably guessed it by now — Quinn chose to rip Tebow instead of give him any sort of credit. 

Quinn was asked to touch on several topics from if Tebow gained his success by luck to if he thought Tebow’s prayers were too over the top. Quinn had a lot to say and one thing was certain: he really doesn’t like Tebow. Now, from a selfish perspective, you can’t blame Quinn for feeling this way. But what gives any professional athlete the right to tarnish their teammates publicly? It was extremely unprofessional when Tebow’s own coach, John Fox, did it and it’s just as bad when the backup QB decides to rip the starter through the press. What image ae the Broncos trying to portray?

Are they trying to get Tebow to willingly admit he is a bad quarterback? That’s not going to happen. Are they trying to break his spirits? That’s not going to happen either … not from this guy. So I have to believe that Quinn and others within the organization choose to publicly Tebow because they are jealous, envious and can easily do so from their spots on the sideline. You don’t see too many starters on the Broncos’ roster ripping their QB. Oddly enough, it only comes from other teams (where it should) and people who aren’t actually on the field.

We all know Tebow’s pitfalls. We don’t need Brady Quinn pointing them out. I’m sure he has plenty of his own. And the biggest, to me, was how he handles the media. The national press shouldn’t be used as a soapbox for professional athletes to “express” their frusturations. Take some advice from the Disney movie “Bambi” Brady: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Now here’s a further breakdown of Quinn’s comments (through Yahoo football writer Michael Silver) that should run in the March edition of GQ magazine and my analysis of what an idiot he is:

How Tebow was promoted to starter

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow received a lot of flack from teammate Brady Quinn today. Photo by: Jeffrey Beall / Flickr

• Quinn told Silver: “Early in the season, there was a game when Kyle [Orton] got hurt and the coaches were calling for me to go in, but Kyle got up and finished the game out. So I was the second-string guy. Then, a few weeks later, they decided to put Tim in. I felt like the fans had a lot to do with that. Just ’cause they were chanting his name. There was a big calling for him. No, I didn’t have any billboards. That would have been nice.”

• Analysis: Cry me a river. Quinn is right. Denver fans probably had a lot to do with Tebow taking his spot. However, he can’t tell me that the final decision was made by the fans because it wasn’t. If Quinn was good enough to start for the Broncos and showed coaches something that Tebow didn’t, you bet your bottom dollar that he would’ve been the starter. Something tells me that coaches aren’t too impressed with Quinn, which might be why he was so easily traded by the Cleveland Browns and has only played in 13 NFL games. Quinn didn’t have any billboards because he hasn’t earned any. Now, don’t get me wrong. Tebow hasn’t exactly earned any, either. But he is a lot more accomplished and deserving of that limelight than Quinn. And as far as Quinn saying “that would have been nice” … yes, for any player, that would always be nice. But you’ve got to earn it first.

Tebow’s late-game prowess

• Quinn told Silver: “The entire game, the defensive line is chasing the quarterback around, and that wears down the pass rush. Meanwhile, the defensive backs are chasing receivers, but you only throw eight passes, so they start to feel lazy. It only takes that one play, that one big pass, for a touchdown.”

• Analysis: Again, Quinn is right. Congratulations for telling us how the game of football works. And yes, Tebow only threw eight passes in one game this past season and it only took that one big play, but guess what, Denver won the game. That big play had to happen in order for the Broncos to walk away with the victory and ultimately, for Denver to make the playoffs. I wonder if Quinn would have made that play? I guess we’ll never know because he is a benchwarmer.

The Broncos surge with Tebow under center

• Quinn told Silver: “We’ve had a lot of, I guess, luck, to put it simply.”

• Analysis: There’s no question the Broncos had some luck on their side to go 8-8. But how would Quinn explain Tebow’s playoff victory? You know, the game in which he put up his best statistics as a pro. The one where pressure was at an all-time high. Not too much luck factored in on that huge victory. How many playoff games has Quinn been on the field for or won for that matter? None, to put it simply.

Criticism of Tebow’s prayers

• Quinn told Silver: “If you look at it as a whole,” he tells Silver, “there’s a lot of things that just don’t seem very humble to me. When I get that opportunity, I’ll continue to lead not necessarily by trying to get in front of the camera and praying but by praying with my teammates, you know?”

• Analysis: People pray how they want to pray. And this might be a shocker to Quinn, but people usually pray alone. It’s there one-on-one time with God. Also, since when has praying become a sign of cockiness? In my opinion, it’s not. In fact, with the lack of personal praying in professional sports, I would say it’s very humble. We all know how religious Tebow is. I bet he prays publicly off the field all the time. So why is praying considered not humble? It shouldn’t be. And why does Quinn even care? There is no way Tebow is “trying” to get in front of the camera by praying. I’m pretty sure he isn’t the director of the same live game he is playing in, telling camera men to zoom in on him while he is praying. I also guarantee if Quinn was the starter, he wouldn’t pray at all. He doesn’t seem like that type. And I don’t know if teams on the professional level even do that sort of thing. I rarely see it, so maybe when Quinn is someday named the starter, he can start a church group with his offensive line or something.

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