Pebble Beach performance proves Tiger must improve


Tiger Woods tied for 15th at the AT&T Pebble Beach PGA Pro-Am during the weekend. Photo by: Chase McAlpine / Flickr

Tiger Woods may not be ready for the big show yet.

That might seem like a pretty big stretch so early into the PGA season, but Woods showed what could be his true colors at the Pebble Beach Pro Am over the weekend. After safely landing just two strokes behind the lead on hole No. 6, Sunday afternoon, Woods finishes a whopping 11 strokes behind tourney champion Phil Mickelson. How does a golfer fall back that bad?

In short, it’s because Tiger may not be ready for a full comeback. He just isn’t where he needs to be in his game to actually win tournament. In golf, it’s all about closing in four-day tournaments. Tiger played well for three days, but he simply couldn’t close. After he was within an eagle of the lead on No. 6, Woods bogeyed the next three holes and in total, he missed five putts within five feet. Something had to be playing with this guy’s head.

We all know golf is a mental sport. So how could a fan of the game possible expect Woods to bounce back quickly after what he dealt with during his dispute with ex-wife, Elen Nordengen. That one low-point in Tiger’s life will haunt him forever and fans of Woods should never discount the toll that the situation has taken.

I remember a bet that I made with an old friend in which I guaranteed Tiger would never win a major again. That statement might seem obscure, but I honestly don’t believe he will successfully return from this turmoil. Trust me, there’s no way Tiger wins a major this year. This was his first event of the year and he showed us just how ineffective he potentially could be this year. It’s early, but Tiger’s issues are long term. So although it may be drastic to say he’ll never win a major again, it’s likely safe to say that it’ll be a while before he bounces out of his funk.

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