Couch Side Super Bowl preview: The Logistics/Prediction.


The 2011 Super Bowl will feature a rematch of 2008’s classic GiantsPatriots showdown. The Giants are coming in hot, but the Patriots are the favorite to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Couch Side Show bloggers Chuck Constantino and Trevor Gould weigh in on the matchup in part three of their Super Bowl preview.


TCG (Trevor Courtland Gould): Bill Belichick, the most emotionless man on the planet, is a genius. His offensive and defensive schemes and strategies are unrivaled, and you would be kidding yourself to think he hasn’t forgotten about the 2008 Super Bowl loss.  There is no better coach in football.

CC (Chuck Constantino): Belichick. The man’s a genius; his adjustments and complex defensive schemes will be the difference. Plus, he is definitely still ticked about that ’08 loss.


 TCG: While the Giants are on fire, the Patriots are a well-run and well-oiled machine lead by easily the most brilliant man in professional football. Plus, they are out for blood after their 2008 loss.

CC: The Giants are hot and are the wildcard. Every year a wildcard team stuns the experts, and makes it to the Super bowl.  On the other hand, there is no David Tyree to make a circus catch. This one is close, but I pick the Pats, they’re too hard to game plan for.


TCG: Patriots 38, Giants 21. I understand the Giants are on a roll, but the Patriots won’t be denied this time. As heralded as the Giants’ defensive is, they won’t be able to contain Gronkowski, Hernandez, Welker, and Branch. The Giants will put up points, but they cannot engage in a shoot out with New England and expect to come out on top. Get ready to watch Bill Belichck smile for the first time in years.

CC: Patriots 31, Giants 28. This won’t be as nail biting as 2008, but this game will be entertaining. The Patriots never trail, Gronkowski spikes the ball in the endzone ending with Brady receiving his second SB MVP and capturing his fourth ring cementing him as one of the greatest alongside Joe Montana.

This is sure to be an entertaining Super Bowl matchup, unlike last year’s snoozefest. There’s nothing we can do about the halftime show, it’ll still suck. Get ready for some hard hits, unbelievable catches, and several companies wasting millions on commercial spots.

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