Constant Jets news grows annoying


New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and his team are making the news a lot lately even during the NFL playoffs. Photo by: cool13902008 / Flickr

If the New York Jets didn’t give you enough to handle during the regular season, the team is already stealing even more headlines days before the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

During wildcard week, two national stories surfaced about the Jets. And just yesterday two more hit the homepages of our favorite websites and the front pages of our sports sections. Now there’s no question that New York gets its fair share of ink. After all, the Jets are a historic franchise that demands success. But I can’t remember reading about New York almost everyday when Chad Pennington was at the helm, throwing passes to Santana Moss.

That’s because New York is the new Hollywood of the NFL and the Jets — not the Giants — are the team under the spotlight. And if you’re a common NFL fan, who doesn’t particularly care for the Jets, tough luck because you’re going to here about them. It does get tiring and news about the green and white is usually blown way out of proportion. So here’s the latest Jets headlines and translations of what they actually mean:


• The skinny: The headline says it all. The Jets hired former Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, who couldn’t finish out the season without being fired, as their new offensive coordinator. Sparano replaces Brian Shottenheimer and takes over a dismal offense that failed to make it to the playoffs.

• Translation: Shottenheimer actually had two years left on his contract and because he couldn’t put up with all the egos within the team, I think he chose to leave. A lot of people blamed him for New York’s offense being 25th in the league and for Mark Sanchez not being developed as much as he should be in his third NFL season. So the Jets go with Sparano. He used to get a lot of attention during his coaching days in Dallas and for sort of turning around the Jets, so he should fit right in. A perfect fit.


 • Backstory: Mark Sanchez lazy? Who would have thought that? Apparently, some of his teammates and that can’t be good. And if these allegation are true, my theory of Shottenheimer leaving on his own will has to be true. The unidentified Jets who called their QB out also hope the team will push for Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

• Translation: Some lower end players probably didn’t think they were getting enough attention, so they called Sanchez lazy. There has been controversy at the quarterback position with the Jets since Sanchez out of USC in the first round three years ago. Ryan even flirted with the idea of benching the young gun slinger this season. Players may think a new quarterback will be the solution to their problems, but that’s pretty far from the truth. Although I don’t see Sanchez brining the team any Super Bowl trophies anytime soon, he isn’t horrible. He tossed 26 touchdown passes, which is more than players like Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger. And to think Peyton Manning will automatically solve this teams’ problems is plain naive. The problem isn’t a lack of talent, it’s the attitudes of the players an the coaches.


• What happened: Jets rookie quarterback Greg McElroy told a radio station there was a “corrupt midset” in the Jets’ locker room during this season. McElroy also called some players extremely selfish and that the locker room was not a fun place to be in. His interview also indicated that he thinks some player were selfish because they were more focused on idividual achievements rather than winning football games.

• Translation: McElroy might be a seventh-rounder, but he called the Jets out. To me, this is the complete, honest truth about the team. Between Ryan’s crazy press conference to the constant roster adjustments, this team is more or less defines what is wrong with sports. Trust me, if you let your kids look up to athletes, keep them away from the New York Jets.


• Big boy tears up: Rex Ryan is an emotional guy. So emotional that I guess that this wasn’t the first time he has cried in front of his players. Ryan really couldn’t hold it back the day after New York lost its final game of the season 19-17 to the Miami Dolphins. Players said he cried because he loves them and that he was composed as the beginning of the address. Ryan was trying to explain to players that the only way they will be able to win is to be a team and that they need to stay a team.

• Translation: It will be hard to stay a team if New York has its usual offseason. More than likely, the Jets will find new and exciting players that meet Ryan’s expectations. I thin his tears were ones of disappointment. We all know the guy won’t be happy until he wins a Super Bowl and until that day comes, you can expect more performances like this.

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